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Oxygeneo 3-in-1 Genious Facial treatment!

One of the most advanced non-invasive technique to treat dull and dry skin and make it clean, hydrated and boost your own collagen growth.


Firstly, the aesthetician will cleanse your face to remove any excess makeup and dirt.


Using the GeneO+ machine and a Capsugen capsule, which is a compressed pad of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, the aesthetician will exfoliate your face to remove any dead skin. They will then apply either the serum depending on your skin concern. When the Capsugen capsule comes into contact with the serum, it creates carbon dioxide bubbles on the skin's surface which causes oxygen-rich blood to flow to the area. When the skin is oxygenated, it's able to absorb nutrients and ingredients like Hyaluronic acid much better so the treatment is more effective.


After the exfoliation, the aesthetician will wash off the formula, then apply the remainder of the serum. They will then use the ultrasound device to work the formula into the skin. An ultrasound device is used as it allows the product to penetrate deeper into the skin all the way down to the dermal layer, which can't be achieved by simply massaging the product into the skin using your fingers.

The ultrasound device allows for better absorption and penetration of the anti-ageing serums, so it makes the treatment much more effective. This part is really relaxing.

We offer that treatment at a very competitive price at 150$+ Tripollar treatment to tighten and lift the skin.

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